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It's Fight Time Trailer

It's Fight Time Trailer

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You have a story.

I have a story.

Everyone has a story.

A story that is anchored in its deepest 

love, joys, and triumphs,

and bigger than its lowest

disappointments, pain, and defeats.

A story that leaves an infallible life, giving imprint for humankind.

A story that  awakens the spirit in a lasting, exciting and unforgettable way.

We bring this story...Your story to life.

Imagine It?

Let's get started!

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The Association of Women's Business Centers

The Association of Women's Business Centers, the leading national voice and resource for igniting the economic power of women’s entrepreneurship by advocating for, engaging, and supporting the WBC network, had the opportunity to work with Blue Violet Productions, LLC, a woman-owned organization, to support our first-ever, virtual conference in 2020. We were impressed by both their expertise and creativity and are looking forward to working with BVP on future projects.

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Yvonne Parker - Author, Speaker, Certified Life-energy Coach 

I worked with Blue Violet Productions to produce a short broadcast promo.  I found this production company to be steeped in quality and integrity driven. My director made me completely comfortable during shooting and provided experienced advice to improve my final video.   - Yvonne Parker, author, speaker, certified life-energy coach. 

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